How many guests can be Accommodated?

Our max capacity is 140 people. This is due to regulated parking spots and the amount of chairs and tables we have. 

What is the parking like?

We have 30 parking spots located on the Aster property. This is regulated by the town of Skaneateles so we encourage carpooling and shuttling. We do not have overflow parking and NO PARKING IS ALLOWED on Benson Rd. During your event we will be present to coordinate parking for your guests and vendors. If our parking lot is full, we will have to turn guests away. Please coordinate sufficient transportation for your event.

What facilities are included?

Aster provides a bathroom trailer with three bathrooms, one being ADA accessible. A herring bone 60x40 deck with a high peak pole tent over it is provided for your seating area/reception. Our sail cloth tent glows with natural light and is water proof with clear side walls as an option for a possible rainy day. The tent and outdoor cocktail area is sufficiently lit with globe lighting. We have a grass area dedicated to catering. There is access to water and electricity.

Are there handicap accessible features?

Yes. Aster has two reserved parking spots closest to the venue for any handicap needs. We also have an ADA accessible bathroom with a ramp and railing inside. The venue decks also have ramps for accessibility. 

What services are provided?

The owners of Aster will be present for your event. To help your event run smoothly, we encourage you to have a day-of coordinator. Aster will need a primary contact for your event. We offer parking attendance for your guests and vendors and remain on the property for facility emergencies. We offer two meetings once you have booked, to review event details and layout. Aster will arrange your table layout, chairs, ceremony altar and benches, outdoor bar and high tops. Aster also stocks the bathroom, lights the fire (optional), and is available for facility needs only. We do provide liability insurance but wedding insurance is encouraged. 

Is there a bridal suite?

No, unfortunately we do not have a space for brides to get ready before their event.

What items/areas are included in the cost?

  • Bathroom trailer

  • Catering area

  • Ceremony area 

  • Parking Lot (30 spaces max)

  • Trash cans for catering and guests

  • Fire pit and seating (optional)

  • Globe lighting throughout

  • 3 bathrooms (1 ADA accessible)

  • 40x60 sailcloth high peak pole tent

  • 28 benches (5-6 people per bench) 

  • Altar (6ft wide by 8ft tall)

  • 14 (10x3ft) farmhouse tables

  • 3 (42x31x31) high top tables

  • 8ft wide custom bar with storage

  • 140 gunmetal Tolix chairs for seating

  • 16x16 black dance floor in the center of the deck/tent

  • Water and electricity access

Where can pictures be taken?

There are many beautiful spots at Aster as we are surrounded by nature. Photos are not allowed to be taken on any other property that is not apart of Aster. We want to respect our neighbors and surrounding farmland. Skaneateles lake and village is 4 miles from Aster.

What about bugs?

Aster has a professional service that comes and sprays for fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Citronella candles are acceptable but we do not accept open flames without a hurricane. 

How is the tent on hot days?

Our tent has four fans inside that keep airflow nice and cool. We are also surrounded by tall forestry that naturally creates shade throughout the evening.  

cold days?

Aster has 4 heaters available for rent at an additional cost of $75/heater. These heaters go under the tent and are not to be touched by guests. The owners will take care of heating needs throughout the event. We can also put the side walls down if you want it extra cozy.  

What if it rains?

If rain is in the forecast the morning of your event, Aster will bring in the altar under the tent. Guests will sit in their seats as you have your ceremony on the deck. You are more than welcome to rent your own plan b tent if you prefer to go over the ceremony at your own expense. Aster cannot put up this additional tent. 

Are any decorations restricted?

We do not allow open flame that is not in a hurricane. It can also be breezy since we are outdoors, so your candles may not stay lit. We also do not allow Crêpe paper, rice, glitter or confetti. 

Can the Altar be decorated?

Yes you can decorate the altar however you would like. Aster has drapery or a macramé for rent, otherwise you would supply your own decorations. You are allowed to mount things to the altar that the frame can support. Please be sure to remove decorations from the altar at the end of your event.

What does the cleaning deposit cover?

The cleaning deposit is for anything that gets broken or damaged, needs repair, or takes extensive amount of work to clean. Your catering takes care of items in their contract with Aster. You are responsible for personal items, rentals or decorations. Aster will haul away all trash but ask that it is properly bagged and placed in the designated containers.

Are there restrictions on catering?

You are allowed to bring in a caterer of choice, however they must be fully equipped for an outdoor venue. We highly recommend our vendor list based on professionalism and organization. Caterers have a designated grass area to setup and must supply their own tables. If they do not have these items they can rent them from Aster at an additional cost. We do not have cooking facilities on the premises. If the caterer is serving alcohol they must have a liquor license and apply for an off-site liquor permit within the days required by NY State. Caterers must present the permit to Aster on the day of the event.

When is the venue available for setup?

When you book Aster you get the booked day starting from 9:30am to 11pm in which all guests must be off the property. All vendor and personal items must be off the property that night. No vehicles are allowed to stay overnight and if this occurs they will be subject to towing.

How late can music be played?

The sound ordinance for Skaneateles is 10:30pm. All music must be turned off at 10:30pm to be respectful of our neighbors and abide by the ordinance. 

Can personal alcohol be brought to the event?

No. All alcohol on the property must be served by a licensed vendor.

What does the fire pit include?

The fire pit can be added on to your event for 2 hours at an additional cost. You let us know what time slot works best for your event. The fire pit cost comes with a Smore’s station including marshmallows, chocolates, graham crackers, napkins and poker sticks that the owners setup prior to the fire being lit. The owners of Aster will light and supply the fire for the two hours. We ask that no guests touch or add wood to the fire for safety and liability reasons. 

Is there sound equipment at the venue?

No. Aster does not provide any sound equipment. We do provide the electricity for such equipment.

Is there electricity for the ceremony area?

Yes. Please let us know if you need this resource and we will run electricity out to the ceremony area.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, we are a pet friendly venue however we only allow well behaved pets. Please designate personel to watch over your pet and remove waste. Aster reserves the right to ask that your pet be removed if needed.

Are bands allowed?

yes! In fact we love having bands as they can really liven up the party! We do have the space and the electricity to sufficiently support a band.

IS smoking allowed?

It is up to you if you want to prohibit smoking from your event. We do have an ash tray placed in the parking so that if guests do smoke they refrain from doing it on the grass or near the tent. We do not allow any smoking or vaping under the tent.

how are rehearsals scheduled?

When you book Aster your rehearsal is included and is optional. Aster will schedule your rehearsal to accommodate all the events booked the week of your event. You will receive a one hour slot. Please be courteous of other parties scheduled time at the venue.